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Keeping your Social Media Content Consistent with your Brand

There are many benefits to having a social media presence for your small business. Most brands are leveraging social media to market themselves and to build rapport with the customers and the public. If you’re not taking advantage of the benefits of having a social media presence in this day and age, then you’re certainly missing out.

One of the most common issues that brands encounter when going online is making sure that the content that they push out stays in line with the overall message of the company. With the frequent changes in trends and innovation, the multitude of available platforms readily available to use, and trying to take hold of the ever-fleeting opportunity to get noticed, it’s easy to get lost along the way with trying to portray the brand’s message.

Here are some tips you can use to make sure that your social media content and accounts are consistent with your brand.

1. Be Authentic to Yourself
2. Create a Style Guide
3. Define the Key Outcome
4. Document Everything
5. Establish Content Pillars
6. Study Available Platforms
7. Create Multiple Personas
8. Use Social Media Management Tools
9. Ensure Visual Consistency
10. Link Your Website and Feeds
11. Encourage User-Generated Content

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