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Silicon Harbor Business Services business advisors help you keep on top of your operating budget and generate reports on the health of your business. Accurate bookkeeping helps a business manage its cash flow, meet its financial obligations, and plan its investments. At the appropriate time, a business will be ready to submit reports for taxes or to obtain financing. 

Silicon Harbor Business Services works with businesses large and small, in virtually every business category. Use our team of bookkeeping experts to set up your books. You’ll not only save time, but also ensure your bookkeeping is accurate. 

How QuickBooks Accounting Software Saves Time and Money., 

Silicon Harbor Business Services recommends Intuit’s QuickBooks – it’s easy to use and can generate invoices and financial statements and integrate with your bank accounts. QuickBooks makes monthly and tax-time reports quick and easy, and it is very reasonably priced.  

Expert Assistance Ensures Accurate Bookkeeping,
Silicon Harbor Business Services serves clients throughout South Carolina and Pennsylvania. Our QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisors can train your team to set up your QuickBooks accounts, using QuickBooks Online or Desktop editions. We can also be retained to provide bookkeeping services for each week or month. 

Silicon Harbor Business Services can also go the extra mile, serving as consultants to analyze your books and develop strategies to boost your business. 

Expert Assistance Ensures Accurate Bookkeeping

Based in Mount Pleasant, SC, Silicon Harbor Business Services has clients large and small throughout South Carolina and Pennsylvania. As word of our client commitment has spread, so has our client base. We now serve clients as far north as Minneapolis, south as Tampa and west as Boulder and Los Angeles.  

What makes us special? Our commitment to helping our clients grow! To learn more: 

Schedule a FREE consultation with a Silicon Harbor Certified QuickBooks Advisor 

In Philadelphia: (610) 550-1492; Anywhere in the U.S.: (843) 972-9284 

Quickbooks Online Training

A sample from our series of "how to" training videos for Quickbooks Online. Videos are by Intuit, carefully selected and presented by Silicon Harbor Business Services of Charleston, SC and Mount Pleasant, SC.

Navigate in Quickbooks Online

A video by Intuit, specially selected for those new to QBO

This video shows you where to find everything you need to use QuickBooks with confidence. Learn where to go to create common things like invoices and sales receipts, where to see all your customers’ info, and where to find your company settings and other QuickBooks features.

Connecting Bank Accounts and Downloading Transactions in Quickbooks Online

A video by Intuit, specially selected for those new to QBO

Quickbooks Online lets you connect your bank account so that all your business transactions load automatically into QBO. You can then categorize transactions and add them to QuickBooks, so QuickBooks can start doing the work for you. This video shows you how.

Matching and Categorizing Transactions in Quickbooks Online

A video by Intuit, specially selected for those new to QBO

Understanding this part of Quickbooks Online is a real time-saver. This video shows how to categorize expenses and deposits downloaded from your bank accounts, and match them to transactions you’ve already entered into QuickBooks.

Managing Your Income - How to Record Sales and Payments in Quickbooks Online

A video by Intuit, specially selected for those new to QBO

Everything starts with sales! This video shows you how to record sales and payments from customers in Quickbooks Online.

Managing Your Expenses - How to Record Bills, Purchases and Expenses Quickbooks Online

A video by Intuit, specially selected for those new to QBO

You have to spend money to make money! Here’s how to record your expenses in Quickbooks Online.

Full Quickbooks Online Training Video Playlist

Our fully curated selection of Intuit-produced Quickbooks Online Training Videos

If you are in the Charleston, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston or Summerville, SC areas, feel free to give us a call or text us on (843)-972-9284. We can help with your Quickbooks problems.

Intuit Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisors

Our accountants and bookkeepers are certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors, - Intuit approved. And we are all right here in Charleston! Intuit named us an Elite level ProAdvisor firm for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Silicon Harbor Business Services helps clients with Quickbooks across Mount PleasantDaniel IslandCharlestonIsle of PalmsSullivan’s IslandNorth CharlestonAwendawSouth Carolina, PhiladelphiaDelaware CountyKing of PrussiaMontgomery CountyChester CountyWest ChesterMediaExtonWayne, and Philadelphia Main Line, Pennsylvania and all over the USA.