Business Consulting For Startups And Small Businesses

You have a business idea. Our business consultants will help you bring it to life.

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Business planning, strategy and financing

Development of a concise, realistic business plan and financing pitch.

You have a great idea and the passion to carry it out. We help with your overall strategy and the details needed to bring your idea to life. We follow a proven, disciplined business consulting process to create a realistic business plan and a presentation for investors. With our online collaboration tools, you have help from anywhere in the United States. Work with us more than 4 hours in a month, and you’ll receive afree subscription to!

Market research and strategic partnerships

Research and advice on your market, your competition, and your potential friends.

You are thoughtful and careful – you like to look before you leap. We provide experienced hands to help you understand the market and your competition, find companies to partner with you, and negotiate a win-win deal. You may not feel you have the expertise to do this yourself – or you just may not have the time. Either way, we can help.

Website and marketing plan, including social media

It's not enough to have a great idea. You need to spread the word.

Technology advice - choosing and supporting IT infrastructure, software and hardware

Email, cloud storage, collaboration tools, phone systems, CRM, project management tools and more.

In many ways, putting together information technology infrastructure for a new or growing business is much easier than it was even just 5 years ago. But there is still a lot to know and plenty to do to keep your business running smoothly and help make your employees a productive, communicative team that gets things done for your clients. We help you choose the right tools and platform for your business – for where you are now and where you’d like to go. We can even support your staff until you are big enough to have an IT group of your own.

Recruiting a new or expanded team

Everything starts with people.

Your initial team will be your most important investment and a crucial resource to helping your business succeed. Whether you are looking for a CFO, a CTO, a sales guru, or a team with specific industry knowledge, we can help and quickly. Our process is straightforward but proven. We first spend time with you and your team, so that we understand your company culture. We typically screen 10 candidates for every one that we bring to you. Generally we come back with a first group of 5-7 candidates for your review, and then from that group, we focus on the 2-3 you like best. We have successful recruiting experience across the United States and in Europe, with both high-level and mid-level candidates.

Accelerating Sales Growth

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Many small businesses hit a wall after an initial phase of growth. The owner or senior managers find their days consumed with putting out fires or routine administrative tasks, rather than being able to focus on helping the business grow. Customers and employees may be frustrated by missed deadlines, lack of follow-through and a chaotic work environment. That’s the bad news. The good news is you’re not alone. We bring new perspectives on people, products, processes and technology. The result is improved customer and employee satisfaction along with accelerated sales growth and profitability. We have experienced hands that can diagnose a problem and then lean in and get things done. We’ll even train your staff so that the new processes and ways of thinking become part of your company culture.