Silicon Harbor Cybersecurity & IT Support

Hackers and cybercriminals have increasingly focused on small and mid-sized businesses, who typically do not have advanced cybersecurity. As a result, your business is likely a soft target.

Silicon Harbor Business Services will change that. Our cybersecurity pros analyze your online presence and identifying vulnerabilities. Our cybersecurity services include:

Safeguard Your Information

  • Controls access to confidential files
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities
  • Protect your systems from viruses and malware
  • Recover from cybercrime incidents

Work Safely & Securely

  • Use strong passwords and 2-step authorization
  • Limit use of email and collaborative software for sharing confidential documents
  • Eliminate downloading of unknown software

Understand & Manage Your Risks

  • Identify what information your business stores and uses
  • Appoint a security person to manage access and passwords
  • Train the team of cybersecurity best practices
  • Establish a protocol for hacker recovery

Want to ensure your online presence is safe from hackers? 

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