Managing Cash Flow

Managing Cash Flow Managing cash flow is critical for the success of any business. Cash flow refers to the movement of cash in and out of a business,...
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Can a bookkeeper prepare payroll?

Can a bookkeeper prepare payroll? A bookkeeper can play a vital role in the payroll process for a business. Payroll is the process of paying empl...
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What makes a good bookkeeper?

A good bookkeeper possesses a combination of skills, qualities, and knowledge that enable them to effectively manage financial records and transaction...
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Reminder- Filing Due Dates

Reminder that 941 Quarter 4 forms are due today, January 31, 2024. Form 1099 MISC recipient copy deadline is January 31. If you are filing through...
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A Guide To Sending Out 1099s

Sending out 1099 forms is an important tax-related task for businesses in the United States. These forms are used to report payments made to non-emplo...
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tax preparation

Common Errors in Tax Preparation

Mistakes can happen when you're preparing your taxes, even with all the technological automation on hand. A good way to avoid the oversight is to keep...
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