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Starting a business in 17 steps

Taking on that daring leap from an idea to starting a business takes courage and determination. It’s a big risk and can certainly be overwhelming but the fruit of your labor will be the sweetest when you have a taste.

Every business owner knows that in order to make it out there, they would need some detailed preparation. This is the key to one’s success and puts your operations within regulations.

Here is a list of tips that will help you with the challenge of starting a business:

1. Define your vision
2. Research your market opportunity
3. Write a business plan

4. Understand your startup costs
5. Plan your own starting finances
6. Determine your business structure
7. Investigate your legal requirements
8. Create and register a business name
9. Apply for permits and business licenses
10. Open a small business bank account
11. Set up your accounting systems

12. Prepare for tax time
13. Outsource essential functions early
14. Learn how to hire and pay employees
15. Find a business location
16. Market your business and launch a website
17. Explore business partnerships

Wahbe, Andrea “How to start a business in 17 steps” 15 September 2020
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