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What are the costs of launching a startup?

How much money is needed to launch a business?

Having a rough idea on how much money you’ll need for your startup will come in handy when it comes to estimating profits and knowing if you’ll need to make a loan.

Make a plan and be prepared for the costs that you will incur, this way, you can cover ground and won’t be surprised by any financial challenges. Additionally, the biggest factor that any business owner must consider is what category their business falls into. Physical store locations will definitely incur more costs than online shops. Which is why identifying where you fall in your industry is crucial to finding out just how much you will need.

There will be costs that are a constant to all businesses while others will depend on what category you fall under. There will also be other expenses that may be unique to certain businesses.

Here are some common costs that small business owners will most likely encounter.

• Office space
• Equipment and supplies
• Communications
• Utilities
• Licenses and permits
• Insurance
• Lawyer and accountant
• Inventory
• Employee salaries
• Advertising and marketing
• Market research
• Printed marketing materials
• Making a website

U.S. Small Business Administration “Calculate your business startup costs before you launch.”

They say that preparation is key to a successful launch. Covering all the bases and being having this set will prove to useful especially in your first year of operation.

costs of launching a Startup

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