quickbooks online for november

What’s New with Quickbooks Online for November 2021?

Mailchimp app for QuickBooks® Online

The Mailchimp app for QuickBooks Online is a one-way sync that imports QuickBooks contacts and revenue data into Mailchimp. This software, which is now in beta testing, is the first collaboration between QuickBooks and Mailchimp, with more to come.

Sync your QuickBooks contacts and financial data to Mailchimp, where you can create segments, automate campaigns, and customize them to reach out to new and existing customers. This new interface reduces manual data entry, allowing you to work more efficiently and focus on your business.

QuickBooks Online Advanced app

The QuickBooks Online Advanced software for Windows is now ready for download, and it contains new features and improved speed.

The QuickBooks Online Advanced app has improved navigation and additions that can help you get more done in less time. The app is also optimized for power users who spend many hours each week on QuickBooks Online, thanks to multi-tab and company switcher features.

Employee Expense Management: New feature available only in QuickBooks Online Advanced

Employee Expense Management, which is located under Bank/Receipts or Transactions, allows employees to input expenses directly to QuickBooks for easy inspection and reconciliation by the admin or bookkeeper. It’s now faster and easier than ever to submit expense reports and upload receipts.

Save time tracking employee expenses

Employees submit expenses to QuickBooks with categories for your approval. When it’s time to examine spending, you’ll get an email notification.

Keep complete records and reduce errors

Employees upload expense receipts, making it simple to locate the data you require.

See it all in Advanced

In QuickBooks, you can review and track all employee costs.

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