quickbooks for small business

Uses of QuickBooks for Small Business

QuickBooks is an accounting software that helps small businesses manage their income and expenses. Small businesses use it to create invoices, reports, journal entries, and to check the company’s financial status. Intuit offers QuickBooks for small business owners and startups.

QuickBooks for small business owners

This can benefit a multitude of people—from entrepreneurs to medium-sized enterprises—looking for better financial automation. There are many types of products that Inuit offers its clients, so make sure to pick the right one that fits just right and can meet your company’s needs.

How QuickBooks can assist Small Business Owners

QuickBooks caters to small and medium-sized business owners from all types of industries. It’s a handy tool used for various transactions such as invoicing, payroll, bills payment, and many more. The best function that they offer may well be the generation of monthly and year-end financial reports. A company’s QuickBooks account can be managed by the owner themselves or by an in-house or third-party accountant.

8 Ways Small Businesses Use QuickBooks

1. Manage Sales & Income
2. Keep Track of Bills & Expenses
3. Gain Key Reporting Insights to Your Business
4. Run Payroll
5. Track Inventory
6. Simplify Taxes
7. Accept Online Payments
8. Scan Receipts

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Check out QuickBooks‘ features and find out which version works best for you.

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